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New Year's letter 2023

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the


For the attention of the Federal President


To the People of the World

Germany, Luebeck, 27 December 2023

New Year's letter from the Empress!

That German-language document you may find here!

Dear Readers, Dear Sirs,

Many of you will be able to recognise from the subject line above that this letter is once again very much to the point!

Of course, my person listened to the Christmas speech by our German Federal President, Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, on TV, which was highly psychological and was immediately followed by the crime scene, a very popular crime film series among the population! This crime film series can be found almost daily as "Tatort/Crime scene" in the German TV programme, which provides a clear indication of the public's viewing figures.

Now the German Federal President tried to emphasise democracy in his speech on the basis of statements made by some citizens, to protect and defend it, as democracy could obviously be put to the proof in the near future. And indeed, Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier has the right feeling for this attack on democracy and thus made it known in his speech, but this attack is already coming from several sides!

My person also feels compelled to clearly attack and condemn our lived democracy or our understanding of a democracy, because a lived freedom and democracy includes fixed and secure structures for every human being, which must be anchored in the Basic Law by the legislative power. And these laws, which enable and can even guarantee real freedom for every person equally, have been given to us first-hand in the Bible as the inviolable Ten Commandments and handed down to us, which have proven their validity to this day by disregarding the commandments!

And if even just one of the Ten Commandments is disregarded by the legislative power or modified or improved according to the wishes of the population, then at some point it is indeed necessary to work with psychology in order to be able to spread as much confidence, help and consolation as possible for the people's resulting life situation.

Ten minutes is usually just about enough to comfort or impress the population, but if "the scene of the crime" is broadcast the very next minute, then not even those ten minutes are valuable or effective and not worth the effort and the paper on which the speech was written!

But even what means "freedom and democracy" for one person can mean illness and psychological problems or exploitation for another or for the masses; it can mean unemployment and homelessness. For some, this boundless freedom means true life, and for others it can have fatal consequences. For some it means starting a family, for others it means destroying their existence, isolation or loneliness! This is how we can create our freedom and democracy for some people, but for others it creates a difficult life, which in some cases many children already have to bear and which is already pre-programmed for future generations!

And just as clearly as we can see today, the coming end of time looks like by having a highly trained Protestant psychologist as a federal president in a beautiful castle, who is trying to appease or comfort the population in order to spread confidence!

That's a nice touch from a responsible Federal President!

But he won't succeed for much longer, because the Revelation of John will continue until the end of time and the Last Judgement will also follow for each and every one of us, because there is not the slightest sign of humanity turning back!

Regrettably, our liberal democracy in particular, with its effects on the masses, has done nothing, but nothing at all for the Last Judgement of mankind, but on the contrary, more and more oil is added to the devil's fire every day! Because the wishes and longings for the big money and happiness have not been fulfilled for many people and so people continue to live their lives in hope and suppression of reality through their dissatisfaction, which is pushed daily by advertising from all sides!

The only thing that could or should be credited to the parliamentary democratic Federal Government of Germany through the lived freedom of the people is the fact that, for example, the letters of my person exist on the Internet and could be made accessible to everyone. Furthermore, some people and groups around the world will indeed have acted rightly in the matter and the order of the Lord and Creator.

These personalities will also have recognised the seriousness of the situation through the aforementioned documents of my person and will know what the matter and therefore the commission is!

Unfortunately, however, it makes no sense for the masses or for the population in the FRG, if only a few people have to recognise the writing on the wall for each individual, in that a psychologically trained Federal President still ensures that everyone can feel secure, when the gross opposite of security* has been lived for decades and life has long since become insecure.

Thus, a change in the form of government must be brought about urgently by turning our backs on this freedom and democracy and proclaiming a monarchy as the form of government, which will unfortunately have dictatorial traits for the time being by taking appropriate measures! The same then applies to the whole of Europe and worldwide, in that every responsible citizen must bow to the higher right in order to be obedient and to be given the chance to protect their eternal life and to be able to stand before the Last Judgement.

This is an extremely serious matter, which is usually the responsibility of those who, in terms of reality, belong in a magnificent castle as the actual inhabitants, which is also emphasised by their title. This preferably concerns true clergymen such as bishops and cardinals, who can maintain a demonstrably God-given connection in order to protect people from evil and destruction. 

Unfortunately, many things have already been reversed, including this connection in general, but fortunately it has not yet been broken but has remained stable!

Not all people in the world have fallen into the reversal of the connection, but there are always and everywhere exceptional personalities, some of whom would indeed belong in a castle, as already ordered several times!

  It goes without saying that the only true Crown belongs to    

Emperor Diethard and King Juergen, as two of the three highest wearers of this Crown, each belong in at least one magnificent, beautiful and secure Castle in the FRG and Denmark, which my person has mentioned and demanded several times on the Internet, so that my person can fulfil the order in the matter more carefree!  

Of course, my person could wait for the things that are to come, but then the cries of all people will probably be great and the fear of the population will rightly be even greater than the cries, in that in the end an unregulated exit of the 21st century will take place and probably no entry into modern times will be made possible! Before that, however, there will certainly be a completely unregulated entry of the different types of UFOs with all the consequences, and we can already see what that means through some "psychologically advanced" film-makers on television!

So with this New Year's letter my person would like to accustom you and others once again to a Monarch, who has to tell you and others in writing what is going on! Please start tidying up the "pigsty" by first replacing the dark or shiny red bed linen and nightwear one by one and taking them out of circulation.

Before you do this, however, please replace the underwear by ensuring that the colour of the underwear is exclusively white for everyone and preferably made of cotton! The same applies to bed linen including sheets and nightwear for men, women and children! 

Only white is the colour that has a future in this respect and only the colour white is permitted in the manufacture of goods and in sales or mail orders worldwide!

Everything else is no longer acceptable for liberal societies and democracies and must regrettably be destroyed or recycled! If you as a Federal President and all other like-minded people think you have to work with psychology, then my person will show you and everyone else, especially psychologists and psychiatrists, how to do it sensibly!

Happy New Year

wishes Ursula Sabisch,


HP: There is no doubt that a pet does not belong in a bedroom, but it is strictly forbidden for a pet to get into bed and will have to be punished

with the utmost severity!

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage