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Sat, 20 May 2023 12:06:50 +0200

Ursula Sabisch, H,>


Hello Mr. H,  

Do you and all the other highly decent and honorable ladies and gentlemen still have difficulties or problems in rendering obedience to my person?   

Please inform me immediately should these difficulties or problems be resolved!

Yours sincerely, Ursula Sabisch


HP: I do what I can and "that's quite a blast!"!    




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Fri, 12 May 2023 13:49:49 +0200

Ursula Sabisch>,



Hello Mr. H.....,

Thank you for the answer, which I only took note of today.

SORRY can only work with threats from my side, because that is the only thing that still makes sense, because the threats could come true. Regrettably, from my point of view, man has generally mixed too far with the "spirit of an animal" and this is very, very sad.      

Of course, I could continue to give very valuable letters, which has already been done for years, but the bottom line is that my person supports especially half animals. Fortunately, my person has had thirty years of training in this regard and can deal with half animals, which basically do not have complete human foundations, to be able to be a complete human being for the sake of "lived truth."      

Actually, my person is convinced that there are conditions that can activate the Cudgel from the Monumental Area, as already reported on the net. On the other hand the time has run out and for this reason my person tries, as already for a very long time, to work in the Cudgel (the billet, maybe too)* personally and to activate he now also. Should this succeed, then my person has reached the monopoly position and must bear the sole say! 

Of course my person gives the responsibility to predetermined persons but also to all people and particularly to the Emperor, to the King and to some of my family members of first degree. Also you as a clerk bear a cross and no small cross!    

The time has run out, however the half "garden animals" have taken note of my Cudgel quite obviously finally! These broken types have now rightly something to fear, but certainly not my person, otherwise I would have struck long ago (partly about 18 years) and thus lost control over me! (Unfortunately, no one from my immediate vicinity is limping around yet, which would make the "imperial Empress" very, very happy)!     

To answer your question about the Cudgel, I would like to remind of the fairy tale "Whishing table, golden ass stretches you and Cudgel out of the sack."     

This is how my person imagines the work and task of the requested Cudgel.


     With kind regards     

Ursula Sabisch, Empress


HP: The language of the beating punishment understands each stupid, and completely particularly half animals!


Perhaps this letter is important for the general public and so my person will publish this e-mail under protection of your data.

Document checked on 1st. June 2023

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